Generative AI

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Generative AI: What’s Now and Next Google Cloud Next

It’s truly a step change in the history of our species that we’re creating tools that have this kind of, you know, agency. The recent acceleration of technical progress in and… Leer Más

ChatGPT in Healthcare: Top Use Cases in The Industry

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Besides, it comes with various maturity levels that offer a similar intensity of the conversation. Basically, it is a type of chatbot that comes with higher levels of intelligence that can provide some pre-designed answers. This is because the medical… Leer Más

NLU: a Component of NLP Thats Crucial to Good CX

What is Natural Language Processing NLP? Oracle United Kingdom

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The intention is to build an Arabic Chatbot by using the Botpress platform which supports the Arabic language. The Bot Improvement tab helps you to monitor and develop your chatbot by… Leer Más

Smart Chatbot for Ecommerce Industry: Use Cases & Examples

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Typically, chatbots are used to provide customers with answers to frequently asked questions. It is beneficial to use such programs since it brings advantages both to the entrepreneur himself and to the clients. It is especially important to note how… Leer Más